Cool and Beautiful, Karate Enbu by 2 Girls

In 2012, she got the championship of the world karate which took place in Paris, France.

Her name is Rika Usami. Her Enbu is a hot topic. She retired this championship-winning road so we can’t see her enbu in championship tournaments anymore. Enbu means martial arts demonstration. It’s not just for Karate.

There’s a concept that is called Shin-Gi-Tai(心技体) in Japanese martial arts, Judo, Kendo and so on.
These kanji mean the words consist of one concept. Shin(心) means spirit, Gi(技) means Technique, Tai(体) means a body.

So, if you have spirit only, you couldn’t be strong. Technique only, neither. If you have spirits and technique but your body is not tough and couldn’t move however you want, it’s also the same. So three things consist in one concept.

I suppose it may not only be Japanese one, but that’s why they practice the technique, training their body and thinking and questioning to themselves, why? and How?

I’m actually not interested in all sports, so martial arts, neither. However, this Enbu makes me feel silent emotions and a beautiful mind.

So I wanted to share with you too. If they were only being strong, I don’t care, though. They make sure they have spirit for respecting traditional material arts, other component, all road of the master and so on. I just felt so.

Try to watch it.
Second one is a 7-year-old one but similar. Their enbus are here.