Donated Toyota Kaizen System

Even though you don’t have money, what if you could help someone, what would you do? This is Toyota’s donation to a food bank in New York.

Toyota is famous with Kaizen. Kaizen is a Japanese word, but the word is already known by many people in the world. Especially in business groups. Kaizen means to improve production(efficiency). This is not only for Toyota, but this system has their spirits. Its why they may have thought and did. I suppose. Toyota donated their Kaizen system to a food bank instead of money.

Toyota is a big company, but size doesnt matter. A lot of Japanese people think of Kaizen whenever they have an opportunity. It is also one of their creativities. Yes. Somethings would be wierd. Yes. Some things would be specific. Yes. Some things would taste good and some things would be beautiful. Yet a lot of things failed under them. So there’s Kaizen mind and it makes a new idea and a higher quality idea/item than now.

However, I don’t mean Kaizen is the best way, necessarily. It may be important sometimes. The more important thing is what we think. How could we help someone with our skill, personality etc? So I shared this video. First, we would need Kaizen for the thought of us, you know. Enjoy Kaizen.