Learn Japanese Through the Lyrics – Toilet God

In the lyrics of Toilet God, there are these phrases.

In the toilet,
There is a Goddess who is so so beautiful.
So if you cleaned it every day,
You could be a beautiful lady, like a Goddess.

If you could understand this mentality, you may be able to understand more why we care for our toilets and keep them clean, and also why the Japanese high-tech toilet was born and it keeps improving.

The toilet is very important. Many Japanese business books, which are especially for management companies, usually say keep your office toilet clean because it is a must. So a lot of Japanese presidents and managers clean the toilet every day by themselves even if there are many employees. It means the leader needs to have this mindset and must understand why.

Anyways, this story is pretty long so I wrote another one, too. Read “8 million gods” if you are interested in this.

Also, this original lyric is written with kansai Japanese dialect. Kansai is around Osaka area. The Kansai Japanese dialect has humor because a lot of comedy stars are used and are from kansai.

The dialect has an emotional feeling too, because we, the Japanese feel each local dialect. It reminds us of the sweet homeland such as, the sweet peoples speaking habit, sweet memories, and so on. Hence, these lyrics have sweet speaking, the way your sweet granny or sweet Granpa would.