Like F-word Emphasis in Japanese

First, Japanese people dont have a word like the f-word. I mean, a lot of people keep in mind not to use 4-letter words in public. Its almost the same as you know? at the end of a sentence, or seeking emphasis. However, theres a word like the f-word in meaning of emphasis. Thats why Ill tell you this article. So please keep in mind, I will be using the f-word throughout this article. If you are sensitive to this, Please keep in mind that it is not intended in a dirty way either. Just for the articles sake!

I mean fuckin + noun in English. It would be in Japanese, まじで(Majide)、超(Chou). They both mean seriously and super if I translate them into English directly. Therefore, you can use Majide individually, but then the meaning is to be seriously. When you ask someone Majide? It means Are you serious? As for Chou, you cant use it individually as the same as you dont say only super.

In English, fuck is used all kinds of forms. Such as verbs, adjective, noun, etc. Emphasis is supposed to be used only in verbs. On the other hand, Majide and Chou are used for adjective and verbs. So if you want to say f+noun or something similar, you have fucking + Japanese option only because theres nothing the Japanese word.

As for Majide and Chou, you can use them before adjective or verbs, basically. Like, Chou/Majide Kawaii means fuckin cute. Otherwise, Majide kawaii also means fuckin cute. Chou/Majide Arigato means Fucking thanks. Like that.

These emphasis words are very often used in casual speaking. Some people use them in business also. Of course, if it was expensive hotel, academic presentation or something like that, you wouldnt hear that.

Majide and Chou dont have any dirty meaning, but they would be casual and a little childish. However, adults are able to use them and elders are also able to use them, because words dont have age. Elders with adults, and with kids, we need to use the same feeling words to understand each other, even if it was not your native words.

I suppose thats why you are also learning Japanese. Ive also been learning English because I want to speak with English speaking people. I mean we need to stand on the other side if we want to talk with people of another language. Thats why I dared to write this. I hope you could get more joyful time in Japanese speaking. So, fuckin enjoy! Majide.